Right to Information Act -Juvenile Welfare

Chapter 2 - Organisation, Functions and Duties[Section 4(1)(b)(i)]

2.1 Particulars of the organization, functions and duties:-


Name of the







Director, Juvenile Welfare, Correctional Services & Welfare of Street Children Dept.,

Block – M5, Manoranjan Complex, MJ Road, Nampally, Hyderabad

Implementation of the Juvenile Justice Act 2000 & Probation Offenders Act 1958



  1. Planning, direction, co-ordination, controlling, supervising and guiding the activities in the field of Juvenile Justice and Probation Services.
  2. Formulating progressive policies for implementation of Juvenile Justice Services. 
  3. Implementing Government policies regarding Juvenile Justice.
  4.  Preparing Plan and non-plan schemes for the development of the JJ & PO Services. 
  5. Monitoring and  supervision of juvenile justice programmes. 
  6. Departmental audit of Juvenile Justice Institutions and activities. 
  7. Training of both Governmental and voluntary functionaries engaged in Juvenile Justice activities. 
  8. Preparation of annual reports and compilation of statistics and research evaluation.

Administrative, planning and executive responsibilities.  Assisted by the one Joint Director of Correctional Services One Deputy Director of Correctional Services One Chief Probation Superintendent one Asst. Chief Probation Superintendent one Junior Accounts Officer, discharging various other functions.