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Photograph of Mother and Child
Title of Women Development, Child Welfare and Disabled Welfare Department
Disabled Welfare & Welfare of Senior Citizens Icon    Disabled Welfare & Welfare of Senior Citizens Dept.

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Vision for Welfare of Disabled

Address comprehensively the needs of all categories of disabled from early identification to empowerment of disabled with a special focus on children with disabilities and women with disabilities

Vision for Welfare of Senior Citizens

Ensure that older persons are able to live with dignity and that their needs for maintenance, welfare, medical care and protection are taken care of

Activities of the Department

1. Identification of the Disabled and issue of Medical certificates

2. Early Intervention and Rehabilitation

3. Education

4. Human Resource Development

5. Training

6. Employment

7. Economic Rehabilitation

8. Social Integration

9. Social Security

10. Empowerment

11. Barrier free environment

12. Welfare of Senior Citizens

13. Grant-in-aid to NGOs for the welfare of disabled and Senior Citizens