Right to Information Act Women Development and Child Welfare

Chapter- 11

Monthly Remuneration received by Officers and Employees, including the System of Compensation as provided in Regulations [Section 4(1)(b)(X)]

11.1 Provide information on remuneration and compensation structure for officers and employees in the following format:

Chapter – 12

Budget allocated to Each Agency including Plans etc,
(Section 4(1) (b) xi)

12.1 Information about the details of the plans, programmes and Schemes undertaken by the authority for each agency

  Chapter -13
Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes
( Section 4(1) (b) xii)


13.2 Information on the nature of subsidy, eligibility criteria for accessing subsidy and designation of officer competent to grant subsidy under various programmes /Schemes
13.3. Manner of execution of the subsidy programmes

Chapter- 14

Particulars of Recipients of Concessions, Permits or
Authorization Granted by the Public Authority
(Section 4 (1)(b)xiii)

14.1 Names and addresses of recipients of beneficiaries under each programme/scheme separately in the following format.