Right to Information Act Disabled and Senior Citizens Welfare

Chapter 5 - Norms set for the Discharge of Functions [Section 4(1)(b)(iv)]

    1. Please provide the details of the norms/standards set by the public authority for the discharge of its functions/delivery of services.


a.         Hostels / Homes & Residential Schools

a. Local Advertisement                                   :           During May
b. Commencement of Admissions                  :           1st June
c. Closure of Admissions                                  :           31st August

b.         Training Center for Teachers of Visually Impaired

Training Center for Teachers of Visually Impaired, Hyderabad is one of the regional centres of National Institute for Visually Impaired, Dehradun which finalises the schedule of training programme every year and communicates the same to its regional centers.  Accordingly, the notification and further formalities will be completed by the regional centers.

In general, the notification will be issued during the month of May, written exam will be conducted during the month of June and Class work will commence from the 1st week of July.

c.         Scholarships

            All the schemes under scholarships will be sanctioned once in a year subject to availability of funds and seniority of applications under respective schemes through District Offices

d.         Financial Assistance

Disabled Pensions, Unemployment Allowance will be sanctioned every month subject to availability of funds.  Schemes like Self Employment Allowance, Marriage Incentive Awards, Subsidy on purchase of petrol / diesel and Supply of Musical Instruments will be sanctioned subject to availability of funds and seniority under respective schemes.  Financial assistance under various schemes will be sanctioned by concerned district office.

e.         Issue of Multipurpose Identity Cards

            Permanent Identity Cards will be issued within 2 months from the date of submission of application forms and necessary requisites in full shape.  Identity Cards will be issued at District Offices.