Right to Information Act Disabled and Senior Citizens Welfare

Chapter 13 - Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes [Section 4(1)(b)(xii)]

13.1     Describe the activities/programmes/schemes being implemented by the public authority for which subsidy is provided.

13.2     Provide information on the nature of subsidy, eligibility criteria for accessing subsidy and designation of officer competent to grant subsidy under various programmes/schemes.

Name of

Nature/scale of

criteria for
grant of

Designation of
Officer to grant

Economic Rehabilitation

This amount is sanctioned either as free grant or as 30% subsidy of total outlay of the scheme with bank loan to the extent of 70% of the total outlay or if margin money is available, with 20% margin money whereby the bank loan would be reduced to 50% of the outlay.

The disabled persons whose parents / guardians income is less than Rs.11,000/- per annum are sanctioned an amount not exceeding Rs.3,000/- per candidate to enable them to make a living.


Financial Assistance to Advocates

Financial assistance to the extent of Rs.1,700/- is being sanctioned to law graduates who are disabled (irrespective of category i.e., orthopaedically disabled, visually disabled etc.,) to meet the expenditure towards enrolment fees and cost of law books,

 Annual income is less than Rs.12,000/-.


Purchase of Petrol / Diesel

Disabled owners of motorised vehicles and having income upto Rs.24,000/- per annum are sanctioned 50% subsidy on actual expenditure on purchase of petrol / diesel as shown below:

Type of Vehicle           No. of Litres permissible per month

2 Horse power and below 15 Litres
More  than 2 Horse power 25 Litres

The subsidy on purchase of petrol/diesel would be available the owners of Motorised vehicles having income upto Rs.24,000/- p.a. and use of vehicle from the residence to the place of duty and back and to the places where day to day activities of the person make it necessary for him/her to go.



    1. Describe the manner of execution of the subsidy programmes.

Name of




Economic Rehabilitation

Receiving of Applications from the concerned district officers of the department

Scrutinised by the Assistant Director, Disabled Welfare and sanctioned the Subsidy as per rules

Assistant Director, Disabled Welfare

Petrol Subsidy

Receiving of Applications of the concerned by the district officers and forward to the Commissioner, Disabled Welfare.

Commissioner, Disabled Welfare will sanction the subsidy as per the rule

After sanction the disbursement will be made by the Assistant Director, Disabled Welfare of the concerned to the beneficiaries