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Photograph of Mother and Child
Title of Women Development, Child Welfare and Disabled Welfare Department

State has sanctioned construction of AWC buildings, CDPOs offices and PD offices under “Restructured ICDS” and from other resources available in the state like IAP, 15% earmarked funds, MGNREGA, BRGF, RIDF etc
The Model plan for AWC buildings, CDPO office (with < 150 AWCs and with > 150 AWCs), PD office are preparedView Plan
Elevation and child friendly paintings for AWCs are also preparedView Plan
The estimated cost of CDPO office (with < 150 AWCs) is Rs.30 lakh and for CDPO office (with >150 AWCs) is Rs.53 lakh
The estimated cost for PD office is Rs.50 lakh
Sanctions were given in 2013-14 for construction of 6436 AWC buildings and upgradation of 6436 AWC buildings from “Restructured ICDS”, 245 CDPO offices and 8 PD offices from State funds for United Andhra Pradesh
2.Model Plan for AWC Building
3.Model Plan of CDPO Office for AWCs >150
3.Model Plan of PD Office
G.O.Ms.No.32,Dept of WCD&SC dt.28.12.2013
G.O.Ms.No.2,Dept of WCD&SC dt.17.01.2014
G.O.Ms.No.4,Dept of WCD&SC dt.18.01.2014
G.O.Ms.No.5,Dept of WCD&SC dt.24.01.2014
G.O.Ms.No.3,Dept of WCD&SC dt.17.01.2014
G.O.Ms.No.6,Dept of WCD&SC dt.24.01.2014
G.O.Rt.No.134,PR&RD (RWS-II) Dept. dt.24.01.2014